Friday, 19 April 2013

I'm so stress...

My brain is exploding!

Assalamualaikum wbt ... How is everyone doing? Good? Not so good? Bad? I bet if you're still able to read this entry, that means you are fine..right? Ape-ape pun, saya harap anda semua dalam keadaan yang baik, sihat dan sentiasa dalam perlindungan Allah SWT.. InshaAllah... I have been busy these past few weeks, meeting my coursework deadline, mock exams, homework, revisions... Banyak gila benda nak kena buat and it seems that masa memang mencemburui saya. Tapi, kita kena stay POSITIVE! I can do it! Yeay.... 
(a moment of silent, looking deep into the future and sigh) 

Okay, so last night, I was lying half asleep on my bed. Suddenly, snap! I came up with an idea for my blog. Yup, stress! Tapi, I rasa, kalau I post the title of my blog as my Facebook status, I am sure I will get comments like - "kenape?" or "chill babe!" or mungkin orang akan "like" je sebab diorang tak tau nak cakap ape (or maybe because they activated the "darn-auto-like" thingy on Facebook which is so annoying). Tapi, sebenarnya, saya tak adelah terlalu stress (currently). Memang banyak benda yang nak kena buat, but as long as I get enough sleep and I am still alive!! I'm fine. Alhamdullilah (Thank you Allah)

I just want to share a few tips on how I manage my stress. Since they work for me, so, I think, why don't I share it! Remember what they say, sharing is caring (though I'm quite disagree with this phrase when it comes to food) *smile*


"Tak remajalah kalau tidur awal" WRONG!! tak kiralah you remaja, kanak-kanak atau orang dewasa, tidur tu sangat penting. That's why you will never hear me complaining about not getting enough sleep because maybe I don't usually complain (duh!) or maybe its because I really take care of my sleep. Orang kata kena tidur at least 8 hours a day kan, so, kalau you really follow this, there's no reason for you to not feel satisfied with you life (okay, maybe a bit of a stretch). But trust me, when you get enough sleep, you akan lebih bertenaga untuk memulakan hari atau buat sesuatu tugasan dengan lebih fokus. Remember, ever Ultraman needs to charge his power! *smile*


Yeay! Don't you think, one of the best part of being a human is you get to eat what you want! woots! Maybe ada yang tak setuju dengan statement I ni, "its unhealthy..bla..bla..bla.." (sorry!) but.. I don't think its a big NO! NO! kalau kita nak pamper ourselves with good food once in a while kan. I do respect others opinion, nonetheless, you need to respect mine too! So, go out and eat fried chicken, Nasi Briyani or just have a cup of teh tarik. Trust me, it won't harm you!


Remember when you're in high school, cikgu-cikgu selalu kata, buat jadual belajar dan tampal kat dinding. Trust me, it really works for me! I cannot live without a proper timetable (and of course, oxygen). It helps me to 'organize' my day and I can distinguish between important stuff that I need to complete urgently atau benda-benda yang kurang penting (such as tonton episode 12 Jodoh etc *heh*). Subsequently, I can make sure yang I tak buat kerja last minit. Hoorey!


Apekah? hah! Some people say that one of many great ways to manage your stress is by getting active. For, me I don't like physical activities (sebab tu I comel *smile*) But, I love cleaning and it really helps me to ease down my stress. Hey, berkemas pun akan mengeluarkan peluh okay. Jadi, sesiapa yang malas nak berjogging tu, bolehlah berkemas. Bukan je you all boleh aktifkan tubuh badan, tapi kita akan rasa puas bila tengok hasil 'cleaning' kita tu. Right? 

5. LOL

A.K.A laugh out loud and lots of love. Watch funny videos on YouTube (I would suggest MatLuthfi, WongFuProductions, JinnyBoy TV etc) They are hilarious! And last but not least, love yourself, give yourself a break and don't push yourself too hard. Because, by the end of the day, all the hard work are for your own good in the future. So manage you stress! Stay positive but remember to stay realistic!

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