Sunday, 15 December 2013

First manifestation of idea (GUILT)

(Park scene)
K sat on a bench
V came and sat next to her
V:           Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere (smiles)
K:            (Silence)
V:           Are you okay? (Smiles) Tell me if something’s wrong
K:            (turned her head and looked at V)
V:           Please say something? (Smiles)
K:            She’s gone, gone… (Looked away)
V:           Gone? Are you sure?
K:            Yes
V:           How?
K:            I killed her. Yes, I killed her (looked down, cover face with both palms)
A stranger walked by and looked at K and V

2 days earlier
(Kitchen scene)
V:           Hey! (Hugged K from behind)
K:           Hey (smiles)
V:           Have you had your dinner?
K:           Yes (turned around) Why are you so happy?
V:           Well… (Grabbed a cup) should I make you some tea?
K:           Okay I guess?
V:           (Boils water, sat next to K) I met someone and … I’m planning to move in with him (smiles)
K:           Okay (stood up and left the kitchen)

Few hours before
K:            (Knocked on the door)
Door opens, V looked at K and smiled, K entered the room holding a knife behind her, door closes, camera moved away
Shower, water flowing with blood.


You have to enter my mind to understand this. I'm not real.

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